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Trehane Tech
Is a family

At Trehane Tech we strive to provide managed IT & cloud solutions to our customers that extend beyond the traditional Supplier – Client relationship. We place a huge emphasis on making our customers feel like part of the family. Our team make every effort to provide an unparalleled customer experience with every interaction. Internally we believe in creating an inclusive, fun and friendly atmosphere for our employees. Our ethos is that happy employees mean superior customer service.



Being friendly and personable is our top priority and we will always go our of our way to show this.



You can always count on Trehane Tech to be there whenever you need us. We’ve got your back!



Cutting edge tech, forward thinking leadership and talented innovators. We push the limits of technology.

"Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business."

New beginnings

Reliable Managed IT & Cloud Solutions Since 2018

Trehane Tech was founded in 2018 by CEO Oscar Trehane.
Oscar has spent many years working as a contractor in the IT industry. During this time he worked with 16 different organisations across 11 sectors in many positions. From desktop support to complex team and project leadership, he has done it all.
Within all these organisations he noticed one recurring problem: their IT systems often held them back from achieving their full potential. Whether because of legacy tech, lack of resources, or overwhelmed support teams, they were all being held back.
In July 2018 he decided that enough is enough and he founded Trehane Technology Company. Oscar’s ultimate goal was to provide innovative and reliable managed IT & cloud solutions to enable organisations to enhance their operational efficiency.

Leading the way

Our unique Process

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A managed IT & cloud solutions provider that fits you.

Our unique process allows us to get a full insight into your company and gives us all of the information we need to build a managed IT service that fits your organisation like a glove. No wasted money on services you don’t need and no need to worry about bolt-on services to a pre-configured package. 


Think of your MSP like a suit. You could go into M&S and buy a suit off the shelf that you fit into, or you could go to down to Saville Row and get a suit custom made that fits you perfectly.

get to know each other

Before we begin any relationship with a client we like to get to know more about them as a person, how they would like their business to look and what kind of problems they are hoping to solve.

Bespoke solutions

Once we know all about our clients and exactly what it is they need we will go away and put together a bespoke managed IT and cloud solution that we are be confident will solve their problems and help their business fly.

Exceeding Expectations

Throughout our entire relationship we will make sure that our support and infrastructure teams are going over and above to keep you online, secure and most importantly, happy. If you're not happy then neither are we.
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First-time Fix
Service Level Agreements Met

We're a whole new breed of MSP

If you are looking for a forward thinking, innovative managed IT & cloud solutions provider to join your team and revolutionise the way you work then look no further. We’re an MSP with a difference and we’re sure you will love us!

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Trehane Tech specialises in providing bespoke IT and cloud solutions for businesses. We don’t focus on a singular area of IT because we believe in providing a fully rounded managed IT service to cover all of the bases that our client needs.

We have a wide variety of customers, but our focus is on the financial and insurance industries. We have some incredible people on our team who have an in-depth knowledge of cyber security, compliance and regulations for IT infrastructure who help keep our financial clients safe.

There is no definitive timeframe for our onboarding process to complete as we provide highly bespoke managed IT services for a wide range of organisations. Our process can sometimes take a little longer than others, as we will take the time to get to know you and design a customised service that suits you.

Yes, for the most part. Our team will take care of all of the standard day to day information and cyber security work to keep your organisation safe and secure, but we do not provide penetration testing or vulnerability scanning services. We use a trusted third party for this as they can be completely impartial about our security performance.

The short answer to this is yes, you can. We have the ability to offer our clients 24/7/365 support and monitoring as part of their service. If you do not have this as part of your service you can still get in touch in an emergency, but you will be charged for this on an ad-hoc basis.

Yes, absolutely. We’re incredibly flexible with the services that we offer to our clients. You can call your account manager and add, change or remove services at any point during your contract and the changes will take effect at your next billing date.

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team. We are a forward thinking organisation and we place a big emphasis on hiring from all walks of life. We provide a great work-life balance and a very flexible working pattern. Most of our staff are able to work from home full time, if they want.

Let’s have a chat and find out! 

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Didn’t see what you need on our website? We offer such a huge variety of services and solutions that we can’t put it all on one website. If you need something specific, get in touch and we will see if we can help.