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Why are Azure solutions in demand?

Microsoft’s Azure has replaced hundreds of on-premise servers.

Nowadays, businesses don’t need to be based in any one place. The World Wide Web has opened us up to plenty of opportunities and it couldn’t have come at a better time either. After all, can you picture a pandemic without online accessibility? We can’t. This is why services like our Azure solutions have been more than a helping hand for businesses in need. With employees unable to attend work in person, Microsoft’s Azure replaced hundreds of on-premise servers. Thanks to its affordable pricing and capabilities, this cloud-based platform has enabled the economy to tick along at an even pace. Such continuous innovation supports your development today, tomorrow and in the days that follow.

How Azure solutions work for your workplace

Ensure your business benefits from integrated security – at an affordable price.

Yet the question on everyone’s lips is this – can the cloud be trusted? Given that you are essentially uprooting your sensitive business acumen – including documents and details galore – you need to be sure that they make it right to your door. And no one else’s. After all, individuals outside of your company should remain unable to access any of your information. That’s why security and privacy are foundational for Azure. If you are still concerned, Trehane’s team of proactive techies are on hand to help provide you with the top Azure solutions. Our team will ensure that your business benefits from integrated security – at an affordable price.


In addition to this, if you still require your on-premise servers, we can seamlessly hybridise your facilities. This way, your employees can access their work across multiple cloud platforms. Your information remains on your servers but becomes accessible to those that need it. Perfect for when your next day in the office could be your last – for several weeks at least. So, no matter what you want, know that our team are committed to providing the best Azure solutions on the market. Solutions that are not only built to your specifications but deliver the best possible route for your business. After all, whilst no two business is alike, some fit snuggly into what Microsoft has designated as the following.


Azure Solutions for . . .

– Healthcare
– Financial Services
– Government
– Manufacturing
– Retail
– And much more

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What are Azure solutions?

Our dedicated team can solve your problems.

At its core, Azure solutions offer a fast, flexible and affordable range of cloud services on a public computing platform. With more than 200 products to choose from, Microsoft allows all manner of folk to develop and scale new applications in the public cloud. Build, run and manage applications across multiple clouds, onsite and with the tools and frameworks of your choice. Some might say it sounds too good to be true. They might be right. See, whilst Microsoft Azure offers an excellent array of online capabilities, it’s no good if casual users don’t understand what they’ve signed up to.


To some, Azure may as well be another language – which it is, in a way. This is where our bespoke Azure solutions come in handy. Our dedicated team provide clarification over a range of cloud services. These include computing, analytics, storage and networking. In short, simply consider our dedicated team to be your personal translators. We can make sense of and solve your business problems with already proven combinations. So, whether you want to get started using sample architectures and documentation or go the whole hog and try something new, we can do just that for you.

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