So without further without further ado, let's go ahead and analyse the two, starting with business broadband:

Broadband was formerly named ‘narrowband’ because you had to disconnect your phone line in order to use it, however that is no longer the case (thank goodness). Now, broadband is always there and ready to go.

There are 3 mains types of broadband:

Broadband connections are also asymmetric, which means that download speeds are significantly faster than upload speeds, which differs from Leased lines, which are symmetric, meaning that download and upload speeds are roughly the same.

So that's broadband in a nutshell. Now lets move on to leased lines.

Leased lines provide your business with superfast internet connection on a dedicated line. This means that only you will be using the internet connection, meaning that it will never be slowed down be external interference.

A leased line can be deployed in one of two ways: With physical fibre-optic cables, or using a wireless antenna.

To deploy using fibre-optic cables, roads will need to be dug up, so that the cable can be connected to your office. With a wireless antenna, all that needs to be done is to fit an antenna to the roof of your building.

Here are a few key benefits of leased lines, whether fibre or wireless:

You can read more about the differences between fibre-optic and antenna leased lines here: Leased Lines – Under the ground or over the air?

So how do you choose between broadband and leased lines for you business? Well, you need to ask yourself these questions:

How many people are going to be using my network?

If you are a small company or your staff are mainly remote, then broadband is probably the best choice for you.

Broadband is ideal for offices of less than 10 people because there will be much less demand for connectivity than if you had an office with 100 users.

If you have a larger office, then we recommend going with a leased line.

How heavily do I use the internet in your daily routine and what would happen if there was an internet outage?

If you run a vehicle repair garage, you probably use the internet every so often to reply to customer emails, order parts, send invoices and upload MOT results. If your internet goes down, you can use your mobile phone to share a hotspot and you would be fine.

In contrast, if your company develops websites and does SEO, you are obviously going to be constantly throttling the internet all day long. If your internet goes down you are left dead in the water with lots of angry customers on the phone.

The reasoning behind this question is based around the different service level agreements (SLAs) you will get with broadband and leased lines.

If you have a leased line, you will have a quick turnaround SLA of up to a few hours, however with broadband, you could be without the net for up to 48 hours, and sometimes more.

How and where are my company resources hosted?

If your company benefits from our managed cloud service, you will be regularly uploading and downloading data from the net, which will require both fast upload and download speeds. For this we recommend using a leased line.

If you store your company resources onsite, you should be able to get away from broadband, provided you are a small office as we mentioned in our first point.

Leased Lines are more reliable than Broadband

Now that you know more about how broadband a leased line connections differ, you can make a more informed decision about what your business needs to connect to the world wide web.

We thought as a final note, we would give you a quick summary of why we would choose a leased line over a broadband line.

All of this is not to say that broadband is totally useless. If you have only a few users who aren’t using cloud based applications and can live without internet for a couple of days, broadband can serve you well. It is also generally cheaper to get a broadband connection than a leased line.

If you are thinking about investing in a new broadband or leased line connection to your business, feel free to get in touch and we will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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