business Leased Lines

business Leased Lines​

Why Do you Need Our Business Leased Lines?

Benefit from persistent and steadfast connectivity.

With more and more SMEs headed online, traffic is growing increasingly busy on the digital motorways. Yet like all traffic, no one likes to be left waiting. Especially if you’re a burgeoning business competing in a thriving market. So how do you belay such inconvenience? You take the high road with Trehane Tech. With our reserved business leased lines you can benefit from your very own dedicated route. Meaning no more waiting. No more thumb-twiddling. Just guaranteed performance that provides persistency between each of your working environments. Exclusivity has its perks, after all. Find out how we can offer you fast, reliable and cloud-ready internet connectivity today.

What Are Business Leased Lines?

Our business leased lines provide the ultimate connectivity package for all burgeoning businesses.

So what exactly are our business leased lines and should you get one? A dedicated connection between you and the local exchange allows you to enjoy undisturbed connections. Your bandwidth is your own. No more sharing your connection with your neighbours. With a standard shared line, your broadband speeds are prone to fluctuations as other users are eating up its bandwidth. Yet with a leased line, you can take advantage of steady and secure symmetrically high-powered broadband speeds. With symmetric speeds at your disposal, your business can benefit from balanced download and upload speeds.


–    Dedicated business leased lines
–    Resilient and secure connections
–    24/7 customer service and support
–    Ultra-fast connectivity with low latency
–    Heavy usage for larger environments
–    Symmetrical upload and download speeds


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How Trehane Tech Can Help You With Business Leased Lines

We’re on hand to help you as an extension of your own team.

With the advent of the pandemic, businesses around the world realised something important. They had to find a way of providing a flexible approach to working. So how do we go about delivering our leased lines to businesses? Our skilled technicians are always on hand to ensure your team can continue to seamlessly collaborate. In fact, we go one step further and practically act as an extension of your team. All so we can dedicate our sole time and attention to your business and reinforce its objectives.

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Are you searching for a proactive, innovative communications provider who can help revolutionise the way you work? If so, then look no further. We’re a managed service provider with a difference and we’re sure you and your business will love us. Trehane Tech provides everything you need to get your IT right. From fully managed solutions, to networking & communications, to experienced and reliable contract staff to help you complete your next project.



Put our unrivalled customer service to the test. We know you won’t be disappointed!



If you have any questions about any of our solutions or you would like to make the switch to fully managed IT, please get in touch using our form below.

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