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Why you should rethink your cloud backup solutions

Keeping things old school with traditional storage simply won't do.

Most of us have had the unexpected delight of facing a blue screen – and by delight, we meant plight. Whilst some might find “the blue screen of death” to be an entertaining predicament, you can be sure the recipient isn’t sharing in their amusement. They’re more likely calculating just what this pale blue hue has cost them. It’s right about now that they tend to reconsider their cloud backup solutions too. After all, such solutions could have prevented a whole lot of loss and heartache. Something that keeping things old school with traditional storage simply can’t do. Yet, with cloud backup solutions in place, you don’t need to concern yourself with any calculations. In fact, if you really wanted to, you could join in with your colleague’s amusement. After all, no harm is done.

The simple way cloud backup solutions solve the problem

No blips. No mishaps. Just a click of the button and your data comes back to you.

With our cloud backup solutions in place, you have a sustainable and scalable means of restoring any lost files. Such solutions help drastically end downtime and keep your business ticking along as if nothing ever happened. No blips. No mishaps. Just a simple click and its back. It’s really that simple. Otherwise, you rely on your IT department to keep your business protected from a number of data loss threats. Yet, whether it be drive failure, ransomware infection or natural disasters, they tend to be physical attributes. Ones connected to the computer itself. Therefore, cloud backup solutions removed themselves from the equation. By storing files on a third-party server, your hard drive is first automatically scanned for data worth protecting. This is then encrypted for security purposes before being uploaded to the cloud. Once uploaded, businesses can access and restore their content from anywhere, at any time.


Cloud Backup Solutions can . . .


– Access affordable archiving and disaster recovery
– Radically reduce human error and hardware failure
– Gain immediate admission to otherwise lost files
– Borderless backup from anywhere in the world
– Liberate your IT team with centralised control
– And much, much more

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What can cloud backup solutions do for me and my business?

Bolster storage and data protection strategies without overloading your IT team.

Cloud backup solutions – also known as online backup or remote backup – are where data and applications on a business’s servers are stored remotely. Sending virtual copies to an off-site location for preservation saves you from any nasty surprises. Put simply, in the event that your computer goes kaput – and with it, the rest of your files – you’re up a creek without a paddle. Yet, with the implementation of cloud backup solutions, you can nip to the server you sent your data to and pick up right where you left off. Not only that, but it helps bolster business’s storage and data protection strategies without overloading their IT team. By using a third-party service, you can offset the additional costs that would have been incurred had you truly lost your sensitive data. This way, you have peace and mind in the knowledge that your work is backed up and being kept safe and secure.

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