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Investing in a cloud based phone system is a smart move for your business

It’s simple, user friendly, and all you need to make the switch is three things . . .

A buyer, a seller and an asset. These are the core components of any trade. Or so it would seem. Why? Because connection is the cornerstone of any business. So much so, that in the past, particular businesses capitalised on this connection itself. They realised that something as simple as the conduit between businesses was just as important as what the business were selling – and so they sold it themselves. These early adopters were the everyday telecommunications provider. Many of these telephone providers were government agencies or privately owned state-regulated monopolies. Yet, no matter who pulled the strings they all relied on an infrastructure that physically crisscrossed the country. One that would soon be upended by modern innovation. See, a cloud based phone system is unlike any landline you have used before. It’s simple, user friendly, and all you need to make the switch is three things . . .


A device, a headset, and an internet provider.


That’s it. It’s because of this that telecommunications providers are doing their utmost to converge with the innovation. In doing so, most now function as internet service providers (ISP) themselves. Why? Because the internet is the modern embodiment of connection. Therefore, it’s a cloud based phone system is far more enticing tool for these providers’ customers. It’s a cheaper, hassle-free approach to telecommunications. It’s also a far easier system to set up, which means you can substantially save on engineering fees. In addition to this, Metro has recently reported that landlines

are to be axed come 2025. So, with landlines growing obsolete, customers should slash any associated costs and make the leap – before you’re forced to. With a cloud based phone system, call charges are far lower and you won’t need to fork out a small fortune to fit phone lines or specialist hardware. You simply start your conversation where you left off.

How will a cloud based phone system shift providers’ perspective on communications?

We offer simplicity via high-quality handsets, premium softphones and direct call routing.

When selling a cloud based phone system, providers offer robust, reliable and secure solutions. They’d be fools not to. What many of them lack, however, is far simpler – heart. Despite offering reliable connectivity, they fail to communicate. It might sound simple but at Trehane Tech, the customer experience plays a huge part in how we provide our solutions. Most providers typically see their customers as a number or sale. Yet, we believe that to provide a truly valuable service to you – that you simply aren’t a customer. You’re you. Someone we recognise as part of the Trehane family. Despite shifting to more computer literate tech for communications, we think the days of robotic customer service is over. Instead, we offer simplicity via high-quality handsets, premium softphones and direct call routing. You’ve never been more connected. How do we achieve this? With these . . .

Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX is a virtual cloud based phone system. These deliver a secure, reliable phone service for all sorts of businesses via the internet. Such systems simplify your connection by replacing traditional telecom solutions, like copper lines. It is also significantly more cost-effective as it requires no onsite hardware and does not rely on physical connections.

Soft Phones

Want greater work flexibility when you are on the move? A soft phone, as opposed to a handset, is essentially a cloud based phone system run via software on your computer or mobile phone. It can be integrated directly with your CMS or ticketing systems. This enables one-click calling functionality when trying to reach somebody.

Contact Centre

Want contact centre capabilities? You want our Cloud Contact Centre. Transform your customer experience with a conversational AI and never pay for a secretary ever again. This cloud based phone system delivers qualified leads to your sales team. Plus, it works seamlessly with existing voice services, email, video chat, web chat, SMS and more.


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