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Finding that balance between the tools of the trade and an idealised plain of productivity is a challenge every business faces. After all, you want to be able to connect with as many customers as humanly possible but your workforce is just that – human. So what if one point of contact could give you access to communication solutions unique to you and your business? Solutions that were not only easy to use but simple to configure and navigate? That’s just what we offer. Communication that will enhance and engage customers by offering new ways of reaching out and achieving more.

Converge your communications Solutions

With the advent of the pandemic, today’s workforce is more mobile and geographically diverse than ever. Yet if you had traditional telecommunications at your disposal, business in the 21st century would be no easy feat, that’s for sure. Fortunately, next-generation technology allows you to seamlessly hybridise your communication channels. By streamlining your communication, you can simplify billing, management, lead tracking and more. It doesn’t take long to get used to and we can keep everything running as it should.

Realise your relationships

When it comes to businesses, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Yet whilst each and every industry is different, we all know they want to connect. At Trehane Tech, we nurture relationships by delivering client-focused communication transformations. It’s our belief that through technology you have a far higher chance of connecting with more customers. This way, you can generate far more sales for your business. To help you embolden your reach, our team tailor each element of our communication solutions to your specific requirements.

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Business Connectivity

Fast, reliable internet connections.

The internet is the biggest innovation of the century. So why cut corners when it comes to using the best business resource out there? At Trehane Tech, we provide a variety of businesses with connectivity solutions suited to the needs of their organisation. Looking for high-performance leased lines or ultra-fast business broadband? Perhaps you want to promote an agile environment with wireless or cover great expanses with fully managed MPLS solutions? Whatever your predicament, be it big or small – office or field-based – we’ve got everything you need to stay connected to your customers.

Hosted Telecoms

Revolutionise the way your business communicates.

Why settle for second best? Telecommunications has evolved past your simple, lift dial and listen. Now you can enable one-click call functionality. Say goodbye to traditional copper phone lines and hello to cloud hosting. Need to get up and go? Thanks to the cloud, you can achieve greater flexibility and seamlessly reach your clients even when you’re on the move. Want your salespeople to keep track of who they’ve called? You can simply integrate your leads directly through your CMS or ticketing systems. Ideal for customer support and call centres, it’s also more cost-effective than traditional methods.

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Are you searching for a proactive, innovative communications provider who can help revolutionise the way you work? If so, then look no further. We’re a managed service provider with a difference and we’re sure you and your business will love us. Trehane Tech provides everything you need to get your IT right. From fully managed solutions, to networking & communications, to experienced and reliable contract staff to help you complete your next project.


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