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home voip service

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Cut ties with the arcane telecommunications of old and embrace new technologies.

When COVID-19 hit, the internet made clear that – despite social distancing measures – it was possible to keep connected to your clients. How? With a home VoIP service. Faced with a rapidly rising rate of coronavirus infections and pressures facing the NHS, the UK Government had to act. They released a major public service campaign urging people to act like they had the virus, “Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives,” they announced. Which was all when and good . . . if you could afford to do so. After all, the majority of small businesses and enterprises had bought or rented office space for a reason. To convey professionalism and keep connected to their clients. Now, the entire populace faced a paradoxical catch-22. Understandably, none wanted to catch the virus, yet how were they to continue putting food on the table? It was simple; by cutting ties with the old and embracing the new. By upgrading to a home VoIP service, they wouldn’t have to rely on the arcane telecommunications of old. See, with a home VoIP service, they could bring the office home. With a home VoIP service, they could clock in and out at the push of a button. With a home VoIP service, they could keep connected to their clients. Want to find out how?


Contrary to popular belief, you can get more from your Internet service than just the World Wide Web. The Internet is all about connection, and so – naturally – this makes it optimal for use with telecommunications. Better yet, a home VoIP service offers far lower costs than traditional landlines and far more features too. Where’s the sense in that? We don’t know but it’s a practical solution to working from home. So long as you have a stable internet connection, you can have a stable conversation. When working from home, we all encountered the troubles of keeping connected. Whether it be clients or colleagues, it was no easy feat. Yet the best services are always the result of teamwork and with our home VoIP service, the best things are all in one place. Your colleagues, clients and a whole raft of features. Easily manage phone calls, chat, and even video calling from your home – for personal or business use. The world is your oyster, from the comfort of your very own sofa.

What is a home VoIP service?

Instead of using Copper lines, it relies on your fibre optic connection.

Traditionally, copper phone lines helped deliver our home internet connections. Yet, fibre optic connections were found to be more efficient and far speedier. Therefore, the infrastructure was progressively replaced, and landlines were simply retained for telephones. Until now. BT are committed to withdraw all landline services by the end of 2025. This means a saying a tearful goodbye to the telecommunications of your childhood. In its wake, however, comes our home VoIP service. If, like most people, you want to keep your current home phone number, you will need to transfer it to this new type of connection. Instead of using copper lines, our home VoIP service will instead rely on your fibre optic connection. This switch consolidates your communications into one line, saving you on money, speed and lost time.

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