Intune Device Management

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Why might Intune device management bolster productivity?

This sophisticated system is imperative to staying ahead of the daily grind.

Looking for a better way to secure your mobile, its applications and data? Protecting corporate information has become no easy feat. In fact, with so many devices capable of accessing sensitive data, you should set about tightening your britches – right? Yes – and no. You need a device management system that provides a streamlined solution. Fortunately, that’s just what Microsoft developed.


Intune device management is a security framework. Microsoft essentially developed a security that minimises the complexities of securing sensitive data. Sound somewhat contradictory? Trust us, it isn’t. This sophisticated system is imperative to staying ahead of the daily grind. By installing an Intune device management system, you can manage your fleet of devices with ease. Do so by implementing a range of policies, commands, and security configurations. The system auto-updates too, so users benefit from protected critical resources without needing to click a button. Better yet, no matter where the device is – nor the scale of your request – Intune device management gives users the freedom to choose how they use their devices. Without fear of unintentionally compromising data.

How did Intune device management help protect businesses during the pandemic?

Intune proved essential in keeping businesses secure when employees worked from home.

To see how effective Intune device management is, let’s turn our attention to something we’ve all experienced – the pandemic. When businesses began to work from home, accessibility to company data became essential. After all, how else can you expect your employees to perform the work if they don’t have access to necessary tools and confidential information? Yet herein lies the crux of the problem. Policing such actions remotely – and in a pandemic, no less – would be nigh on impossible. At least it would be if something like Microsoft’s Intune device management didn’t exist.


No longer do business owners need to worry about isolating where their infrastructure might have fallen short. With Intune installed across their devices, they can feel less concerned by potential leaks to their competitors. Now, they can remotely manage their employee’s mobile devices, keep track of their apps, and see when they access company data. Whilst this might sound like a wee-bit Big Brother is watching you, Intune has proved essential. Especially when it came to ensuring businesses remained secure when their employees were working from home.

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What is Intune device management?

Microsoft created this to deter data compromises.

For those that simply don’t know what Intune is, allow us to explain. Typically speaking, businesses have to ensure that their devices function as needed. Otherwise, staff will be unable to work – plain and simple. Yet one key area of concern is data compromises. After all, no business wants their hard-earned work to fall into the wrong hands. Such a slip could cause clients to lose trust in your business. To ameliorate this, Microsoft created the Intune device management system. This cloud-based system focuses on the management of mobile devices and their applications. It provides businesses with a visual snapshot of the enrolled devices on their system and allows them to keep track of who is doing what. Once engaged, you can see how many enrolled devices you manage, whether they are on, and what applications they are using during work hours. Intune device management even allows you to remotely control and access information about the device. This includes things like its hardware details, installed apps, policies and more.



Intune device management allows you to remotely . . .


          Collect diagnostic information on a specific device

          Perform a full or partial scan to detect security breaches

          Access the location of the device, no matter whether its outside

          Control, lock, wipe, and reset the device’s password

          Send custom notifications to your employees

          And much more

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