Managed Network Services

managed network services

Why are managed network services on the rise?

Connection and communication are key components in a company’s ethos.

Nothing remains fixed. Seasons may come – winter to spring – but so long as your business anticipates growth, it can stay ahead of the curve. Having a resilient, secure and reliable network is crucial to any business. When it comes to your IT infrastructure, your network will always be one of the most critical areas to uphold. Your network keeps everyone connected and is needed to transport applications and data to end-users. You need to ensure that your employees can always reach the resources whenever they need to do their job. Connection and communication are key components in a company’s ethos. After all, it’s pivotal to communicate with your customers, colleagues and partners. Therefore, you need to ensure your network has the resilience and reliability to meet your business demands. To achieve that, you need managed network services.


The pandemic took the world by storm and uprooted the way in which we once worked. Now, businesses are exploring the future of hybrid working. Whether they decide to take the leap is their choice, but they should be more conscious of current issues. Given the rise of geographically dispersed connections in your business, the security of your network should be a key concern. After all, it’s not just your private data on the line. It’s your customer’s sensitive details too. Yet, by employing our managed network services, you can simplify and consolidate your network. This way, you can remain distant whilst your network is centralised.

What you can expect from our managed network services

Our skilled team provide some of the most cost-competitive support available.

Choosing the correct IT support for your business is a decision that needs to be considered carefully. At Trehance Technology, we keep it simple. We manage your network whilst you manage your business. Our managed network services provide some of the most cost-competitive support available. The best part? Our team is your team. We can help you expand to new sites, upgrade your bandwidth, manage your equipment and more – with little to no hassle. Our managed network services provide ongoing consultation, design, implementation, configuration and more. Whether it’s across servers, internet and broadband, or cabling and Ethernet connections – we’ve got you covered. Enhance your availability. Our managed network services can simplify and automate your workflow. Better still, with a skilled team on hand with consistent data-driven insight, you needn’t ever be concerned about your network ever again.


Our managed network services offer . . .


– The perfect network based on your budget
– Strong, reliable coverage across your space
– Minimal disruption to your work environment
– Parallel installation for ease of transition
– Regular monitoring and maintenance
– And much, much more

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Are you searching for a proactive, innovative communications provider who can help revolutionise the way you work? If so, then look no further. We’re a managed service provider with a difference and we’re sure you and your business will love us. Trehane Tech provides everything you need to get your IT right. From fully managed solutions, to networking & communications, to experienced and reliable contract staff to help you complete your next project.


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