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Having a resilient, secure and reliable internal network is crucial to any business. You want to be sure that your employees can always reach the resources they need to do their job. Our networking solution is designed to look after all of an organisations network infrastructure from both a hardware and software perspective. We will install and maintain all of your kit, run new cables where needed and keep an eye on things from the back end too.

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Our networking specialists will work with you to understand your specific requirements and your budget. They will then spend some time onsite to map out your existing space and setup in order to get an understanding of how you are currently running.


They will then go away and build you the perfect network based on your budget, requirements and space. Your network with Trehane Tech will be designed to cover every inch of your office in a strong, reliable WiFi signal and give you access to ethernet wherever you need it.


Once we’ve perfected your network design and you’ve approved it, our engineers will begin work on installing it.


Our engineers always make sure that we’re working with our customers to ensure minimal disruption. We always give our customers the option of an overnight / weekend install if they want to make sure there is no disruption. We also offer what we call a parallel installation. This is where our engineers will come to site and install your new kit alongside your old kit and slowly switch over to the new kit 1 step at a time so that there are very few people offline at any one time.


Once installed we will monitor and maintain your network remotely. We will keep your equipment secure and up-to-date, as well as make changes as and when they are needed. We will also make regular site visits to ensure that the network is running as it should and to resolve any hardware issues that may arise.

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Didn’t see what you need on our website? We offer such a huge variety of services and solutions that we can’t put it all on one website. If you need something specific, get in touch and we will see if we can help.