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I’m too small for Managed Services

When you think of Managed IT you probably think of a big company with large offices and hundreds of employees, using an equally large company to provide them with expensive IT services. This post is going to challenge that belief and show you that you don't have to be a huge corporation to work with an MSP.

One of the most common sentences that we hear when reaching out to potential customers is "I think we are too small for Managed IT services", to which we respond, "actually, you're not".

Our sales team speaks to dozens of companies everyday about outsourcing their IT. Some of them are fairly large, some of them are very small. Typically we get a lot more success from larger companies with 50 – 250 employees than we do with companies who only employ between 5 and 20 employees, and the reason is always the same, “We’re too small”. Well what if we told you that you don’t have to be a large company to utilise some kind of Managed IT service? What if there was a way to get rid of the hassle of managing your IT without spending thousands of pounds a month? It’s true! There really is a way!

If you talk to a smaller MSP, like ourselves, you will quickly notice that we are able to be very flexible with what we provide for our customers, and more often than not, we will bend over backwards to build you a package that suits your needs to a T.

This is because, unlike the large corporations, smaller MSP’s are in that sweet spot between being large enough that we have access to the resources and technicians needed to cover all bases, but still being small enough to invest the time and effort needed to really understand the way your business operates and your goals for the future, so that we can make sure sure we’re only providing you with what you need and not charging you for a service that you’re not going to use. 

When using a smaller MSP you can be sure that your company is not just a number, but a truly valuable customer. You won't slip between the cracks and you won't have to wait forever for someone to deal with your issue. You will be at the forefront of their focus and they will go out of their way to support you.

Another key benefit of using a smaller MSP is that we are usually in the same boat as you. You’re still growing and so are we, allowing us to build a much more personal relationship with you as we grow together. We’ve been with one particular client since we were both one-man bands and we’ve grown together, bounced ideas off each other and helped each other to develop our respective businesses in the most efficient way possible. We’re not just their IT provider, but their friends, and that is an amazing thing! It means that each of our teams know each other and we work really well together.

That’s the sort of relationship that you can expect when working with a fellow small business. Personal, reliable, friendly and truly caring. You don’t have to turn over 7 figures a year and have a massive infrastructure with 100 WiFi access points or complex cloud servers. If you just want someone to pay a small monthly fee who will be on hand to fix your laptops or give advice over the phone, speak to someone like us. Someone who is large enough to serve you, but small enough to know you.

If you read all of that whilst nodding your head and thinking, "That actually sounds perfect for me!" then hit the button to get in touch. You'll be surprised at the amount of value you will get out of working with us.

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