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If your small business phone systems aren’t up to scratch, you could have a problem

How you sound could be the difference between a valued customer and a disconnection tone.

When it comes to your customers, first impressions matter. Despite the growth of email, text and social media options available to your clients, the ability to pick up the phone and talk is vital. Your client’s first point of contact with you will almost always be over the phone. Therefore, how you sound could be the difference between a valued customer and a disconnection tone. So, if your small business phone systems aren’t up to scratch, you could have a problem. Aside from the products and services you’re attempting to sell to your customers, you need to focus on how you and your staff are selling yourselves. You need to ensure that your small business phone systems have crystal clear audio quality and a dedicated number. You need PhoneLine+.


With PhoneLine+, you can keep connected to the right people at the right time. PhoneLine+ saves you time, puts you in control, and delivers a superior experience for you and your customers. All small businesses should have a dedicated phone number, features, functionality and flexibility. This way, they can keep their communication operations consistent and efficient. With benefits like call recording, service quality analytics, and mobile apps, it’s worth investing in. Especially when compared to a disjointed individual phone approach. Plus, with the public-switched telephone network being disabled, you need to find a replacement before it’s too late.


Here’s how small business phone systems can help you keep connected to your customers

With voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and cloud-based systems, your team is spoilt for choice.

COVID-19 has emphasised – more than ever – the importance of a solid communication system. Regardless of whether your business is back in the office or has adopted a hybrid approach since the last lockdown, you must be approachable. This is why choosing the best small business phone systems are paramount for you and your service. Small business phone systems play an essential part in modern-day transactions. Yet, with recent technological advances, you don’t want to fall behind the curve and rely on them for just their calling ability. With voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and cloud-based systems, there are more options than ever. Yet the key factors with PhoneLine+ you need to look out for are:


Cost-effective for Small Business


Competitively priced small business phone system.


Crystal Clear Call Quality


Let your customers hear you – loud and clear.


Easy to Use


The PhoneLine+ user interface is intuitive and familiar.


Efficient Call Forwarding


Out of the office? Redirect calls to any mobile device.


Eliminate Spam with Caller ID


A simple way to block unwelcome numbers.


Information at Your Fingertips


Store all your business essential numbers in one place.


Personalise Your Voicemail  


Record a personal greeting for your valued clients.


Quick Start-up


No need to wait for engineer. Simply download and call.


Reroute Your Calls


Don’t keep your clients waiting. Divert calls with ease.


Sophisticated Aesthetics


Add a sense of professionalism to your office.


Tactile and Ergonomic Quality


An easy to handle and operate phone system.


Transfer Your Number


No need to start over. Take your existing number with you.

small business phone system woman with headset working
small business phone system man with headset

What are small business phone systems?

Requires no onsite hardware or physical connections – making it significantly more cost-effective.

PhoneLine+ is ideal for small businesses that don’t need a fancy phone system with all the bells and whistles. Designed to replace traditional telecoms solutions such as copper lines, PhoneLine+ is the future. It delivers a secure, reliable phone system for small businesses over a broadband network. How? Thanks to VoIP technology, PhoneLine+ can be accessed on a choice of devices. These include computers, tablets, mobile phones and IP handsets. If needed, we can even provide an adaptor for your current phone. So there is no need to invest in new equipment unless you want to. This makes it significantly more cost-effective as it requires no onsite hardware. Nor does it rely on physical connections.


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