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Why Should You Use A VoIP Phone System?

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Office life has evolved. With working from home and commuting increasingly commonplace, businesses are at a crossroads. So, for those looking to open the doors to employee empowerment and provide an unhindered remote working experience – we can help. At Trehane Tech, our connectivity specialists offer a reliable and scalable VoIP phone system. This hassle-free solution is one of the fastest-growing areas of centralised telecommunications.

Say goodbye to escalating costs and hello to feature-rich mobile applications.

A VoIP phone system allows for a greater array of services than a traditional phone line. It utilises mobile applications and offers a feature-rich platform for UK businesses. Better still, it’s capable of connecting your employees – even if they use different devices. Plus, it’s evolved with the advent of cloud technology. Simply put, this sort of fluid team collaboration is equivalent to face-to-face contact. This is especially appropriate in times where accessibility isn’t quite what it once was. Now, thanks to fast broadband speeds and ultra-high-definition, a VoIP phone system caters to crystal clear lines. All so your business can retain that personal touch that can so easily be lost in the hullabaloo of modern life. So, if you have found yourself suffering from keeping your team together amidst a tricky escalation in costs, know this. We can save you money whilst enabling you to become more flexible as a business and improve your working practices. Want to know more? Simply read on.

What is a voIP Phone system?

Transmit your voice into the digital stratosphere.

A VoIP phone system – otherwise known as a “Voice over Internet Protocol” – acts like a traditional phone system but is a far better alternative. Traditionally, telecommunications relied on complicated public telephone networks. Whilst they served their purpose, these physical connections were embedded into the very foundations we walk on. Which wasn’t great when repairs needed to be made and the very earth needed to be dug up. To get around its costly maintenance, web experts helped future-proof communication with a VoIP phone system. This provides a consistent and reliable form of communication by making use of an internet connection in lieu of a landline. By transmitting your voice over IP networks and the cloud you benefit from seamless communication in the age of connectivity. This method of communication has become a new business standard for firms of all shapes and sizes. For more information on our Hosted Telecoms solutions, click here.


  • Fixed Costs – Fees you can’t afford to overlook
  • Grow or Shrink – Scalability is at the heart of VoIP
  • Mobile Working – Make calls wherever you are
  • Plug & Play – No installation or setup fees
  • Fully Featured – Caller ID, voicemail, and more.
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