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Why have VoIP solutions changed communications forever?

Gone are the geographical ties. Unlike copper-wiring, the cloud has no restraints.

Are you looking for ease of use, monetary savings and an opportunity to improve your communications with clients? If so, then you’re looking for VoIP solutions.

At Trehane Tech, our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions makes communications easier for our clients so that they can do the same for theirs. Whilst the telephone was once ideal for call centres, customer support departments and businesses of all sizes – technology has evolved. Thanks to the cloud, small businesses now have access to the sort of communications tools that were once only found in the largest companies. Better still, if they wanted to, they can do it all from their smartphones.

VoIP solutions have transformed the communications industry.

Now, instead of relying on the restrictions of copper-wire telephone systems, the cloud is seen as an opportunity. One that can help improve communications with clients. See, unlike copper-wiring – with the heady implications of its physical boundaries – the cloud has no restraints. Gone are the spatial restrictions or geographical ties. Thanks to VoIP solutions integration with the cloud, there’s no longer any costly on-site repairs or maintenance either. Thanks to the cloud, you can benefit from video conferencing and collaboration from the comfort of your mobile phone.

How do our VoIP solutions work?

Talk over an Internet connection instead of a traditional phone line.

Yes, the call centres still use handsets, but the calls themselves are transmitted differently. Now, people simply talk to one another over an Internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. This way – if you are away from your desk – you can opt to transfer and take calls from your mobile phone. So long as your device can connect to 3/4/5G or any type of Internet service, you can send voice calls as digital signals. This is done over the Internet using voice over IP technology or VoIP. If taken in public, VoIP solutions can also take advantage of WiFi hotspots. In doing so, they can substantially eliminate the cost of your mobile phone’s airtime bill. Should you suddenly remember you’re supposed to take part in a video conference, WiFi can be a lifesaver. However, in the event of salvaging the simple missed call that you otherwise would have missed, it’s well worth the investment. Better still, with VoIP solutions you no longer have to pay for lengthy installations and callouts should anything go wrong. Why? Because thanks to the cloud, there are no physical repairs to be made. Better yet, VoIP solutions are a sizeable threat to traditional telecom providers. It’s got them running scared, and any technological innovation that makes such sudden waves amongst all the industries has to be good – hasn’t it?


It is and here’s how we know VoIP solutions are the way forward:



No on-site equipment.


Hosted phone solutions work much in the same way as phone applications. Meaning you never need a contractor to visit (which is great if you run your business from your bedroom). Plus, you can benefit from video conferencing and collaborative features.


Anytime. Anywhere.


You leave the office, grab a coffee and go to a conference. What do these have in common? They distance you from your desk. Yet, with VoIP solutions, you retain the full functionality of your phone system wherever you can get online. Making it perfect for your smartphone.


All for one. One for all.


Better still, it’s not restricted to one postcode. Your employees share one communication system. Each one can access and take calls with your clients across multiple time zones in multiple places. With VoIP solutions, there are no geographical impediments.


Eliminate your receptionist.


Instead of paying for another member of staff, VoIP solutions function as your dedicated receptionist. Better still, because VoIP runs through the cloud, you can put in place specialist filters. Which is great for keeping your emails structured and scheduling your appointments.


It’s very flexible.


At some point in our lives, we’ve all upgraded to new pieces of tech and cluttered our homes with outdated technology. With VoIP solutions, you expand and eliminate what you need – when you need it. This way, you never get the clutter of outdated features or their fees.


Reasonably priced.


With no hardware, wires or contractors, VoIP solutions are far cheaper than traditional phone lines. Most are structured around a low-risk, pay-as-you-go model too. Making them a flexible way to control costs as you only pay for as many minutes of service as you use.

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